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Chao-Hung Lu vs. Yu-Chih Huang Double Solo Exhibition
  • Exhibition: September 13 – October 15
  • Opening: 10:30 A.M. September 13
  • Artists Face to Face: 11:15 A.M. September 13

National Tsing Hua University Arts Center invited two artists, Chao-Hung Lu and Yu-Chih Huang, to take viewers down the path of the line and to have a sumptuous dialogue with the audience.

Chao-Hung Lu loves weaving and exploring contemporary art. He uses a variety of fibers as media to create and interpret beauty. The exhibition prelude opened with a series of welcoming suites with works on flowers such as “Bauhinia”, “Sansevieria”, “Cassia fistula”, “Hydrangea”. Other flower works were also fresh looking, delicate and refined. “Spring City” and “Summer Rain” are epic masterpieces with vivid and complex compositions, all hand-woven and embroidered. The double-woven texture of the square ornament series moves within space like flowing light. The knot series is made of an ordinary double half-set structure, paying tribute to the original fiber artist, Diane Itter.

The uniqueness of Yu-Chih Huang’s creation is in the use of metal weaving organic shapes. Copper wires and stainless steel wires were interwoven with multiple strands, creating pieces swaying freely like a breeze and flowing smoothly like water. The display of the works is simple and lively, flowing through the space elegantly - the rhythm and the flow changes with each piece of work. It has been nearly 20 years since she devoted herself to public art. Displayed at Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile Court, “Operation” is created with stainless steel wires which symbolize the warm layer of protection our government provides for young adults. It was also awarded the best public art award. The Taipei Fine Arts Award affirms the unique innovation and modernity of her creation. Over the years, she has constantly challenged herself, combining new ideas into her works, and breaking boundaries.(writer: Autumn Lai)

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