NTHU Arts Center was established in 1988, which functions as a place to cultivateart talents on campus and wishes to be a cradle of performing that has its social functions and cultural meanings. Since NTHU Arts Center was established, it plays an important role in both campus and community, and becomes a center responsible for holding arts events, promoting arts education and activities, cultivating people to appreciate arts and beautifying the campus by some arts works.

As it was established, NTHU Arts Center develops in various and comprehensiveway. It is not only an art institution on campus, but also provides service for teachers, students, and numerous people in Hsinchu communities, which it hopes to promote the industry of arts and culture. NTHU Arts Center offers performing opportunities for artists and also gives chances to teachers, students and people in communities so that they can face to face to artists. It endeavors to interpret contemporary pictures of art in different areas, such as visual art, music, performing art, and film art. NTHU Arts Center wishes to create wonderful environment and nice atmosphere for arts, and to cultivate teachers and students the sensibility of art, making arts more available whether on campus or in the communities.

Visual art is a primary domain that most art institutions in colleges work hard on.Contemporary art has surpassed the scope of traditional ones, and visual art can be on the stage with performances as well, which is a new idea for traditional art. At present, there are abundant intelligent artists that most are middle-aged. We offer art galleries for them to show their art works. Looking back thirty records of individual art exhibition, there is no any repeat in topics. For decades, there are also digital art galleries being hold. Except the exhibition hall, we also exhibit art works in Art Festival of Culture Park (Bamboo Shoots Park), Art Gallery, Feng Yun Building, Learning Resource Center (Macronix Building), Humanities and Social Sciences Building and TSMC Building. In addition, we also carry on public art on campus, wish to strike a chord with people in space and let them have more interaction and dialogue with arts.

Musical activities are abundant and fantastic! NTHU Arts Center usually makeschedules to have a series of famous performing groups to perform, and there are music categories including classical music, jazz, world music, Chinese music and transboundary performance. Our long term plan consists of resident musicians. We invite musicians Shian Da Su,Yi Fang Huang and Wan Chen Ho to take part in the role of resident musicians to give us brilliant performance. At times, we will hold musical or dance workshops, such as, Middle-east drums, Middle-east belly dance, fire dance and jazz. We also held musical activities like video game concert on college anniversary, which has attracted people’s attention and received compliments. Moreover, we usually cooperate with Chang Chao Ting Memorial Foundation, TSMC, UMC and other renowned industry, sharing musical activities and musical resources.

Performing art need the ability of creative thinking and having thought-provokingideas. With the characteristics of learning creatively, gaining professional knowledge and having experimental spirits, performing art activities include shows, holding workshop, demonstration performance and lectures, offering diversifying opportunities for people to join in. We wish to cultivate people the ability of creating and applying performing art, to apply performance art in different areas, to connect performing art to our lives. We invite high-quality performing groups to demonstrate the art performance, to deliver lectures. In addition, we cooperate with National Theater & Concert Hall, National Taichung Theater and Wei Wu Ying National Kaohsiung Center For the Arts, letting students and teachers have chance to appreciate the performance and share ideas.

Film art can reflect the backgrounds of era and soothe people. Late Night MovieTheater was established in 2006, and in the beginning, we have decided to play the movies in year order, so that we can show explicitly and completely the artist’s thread of thought. Additionally, we scheme both thematic and type film festival, including sci- fi film festival, Lin Qiang movie soundtrack, Huang Wen Ying image art exhibition and so on, holding such activities in a monthly average and welcoming the director to share and hold filmmaking workshops. The film festival has been held for almost a decade, the films we chose mostly are available in the library. We introduce and recommend the movies in film festival, in order to let people know how to appreciate films. Also, we promote the film art and create a blog and fan page, which we gain supports and compliments from people.

NTHU Arts Center affords real experience of life aesthetics on NTHU beautiful andnatural campus by gazing at artwork in the exhibition hall, listening to the artist sharing his creative concept in person, listening to the melodies in the concert, appreciating a drama with an emotional mood, stretching our limbs and feeling ourselves alive in the workshop with the artist, watching a movie filmed by Late Night Movie Theater and pondering the truth of life. Let’s stroll down the campus and pass by Leaf, Silent Conversation, or Playing Chessing, Playing Art (《對弈、對藝》), immersing in the artistic atmosphere. With the time passage, three decades have ticked away. Members of NTHU Arts Center will always cherish our hopes and continue writing new pages in the future!

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9:00-12:00 ; 14:00-17:00 Mon.-Fri.




1F. General Building II, No. 101, Section 2, Guangfu Rd, East District, Hsinchu City, 30013